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Learn Arabic letters: khaa'


Learn Arabic letters: Haa'


Learn Arabic letters: Jim


Learn Arabic letters: Thaa'


Learn Arabic letters: Taa'


Learn Arabic letters: Baa


Learn Arabic letters: Hamza


Learn how to write and pronounce Arabic letters in less than one hour


Arabic Alphabet: taa'


Arabic Alphabet: thaa'


Arabic Alphabet: yaa'


Arabic Alphabet: zay'


Arabic Alphabet: zaa'


Learning the Sound of the Arabic Alphabet


Modern Standard Arabic; an Introduction


Learning handwriting of Arabic letters (baa')


Learning the Arabic Alphabet (children videos)


Sounds of the Arabic letters and more

Practice the sounds of the Arabic alphabet: These clips will teach students at least four things about the Arabic alphabet:
1. The proper pronunciation of each of the Arabic letters associated with the three short vowels (A, U, E).
2. The proper pronunciation of the "sun" and "moon" letters when the sample words are used with and without the definite article "al" [the].
3. The pronunciation of the nominative "tanween", which is the case ending of nouns and adjectives that are indefinite. Once the definite article "al" is added, notice the single damma as the case ending, instead of tanween.
4. Learning the handwritten shapes and names of the Arabic letters; first the name, then each letter is written is the initial, medial, and final position (of a word). Since some Arabic letters connect on both sides to other letters and some don't, students should pay attention to that on the graphics.
These videos clips are useful for practicing proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters. For this reason, the clips are kept short so that students can listen to them many times over.